From conception to completion, MSW brings together financial resources and experienced management to form profitable relationships focused on creating projects of lasting excellence. Our responsive, cost-conscious approach is geared toward securing the greatest possible return for our investors.

Our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Relationships
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Excellence

Our mission:

Align our knowledge and expertise with upstream and downstream business partners to provide excellence through a client–focused, development and investment platform, driven by exceptional results and long term, trusted relationships within an outstanding, transparent work environment.

What we do:

  • Development of hotel, office, industrial, retail and residential projects.
  • Investment on a project-by-project basis alongside institutional investors and private wealth partners.
  • Proficiency with complex, high-impact developments.
  • Success in large commercial developments in conjunction with strong lead credit tenants as partners.

Our global presence:

Matthews Southwest (MSW) is a full-service private real estate development company that brings together financial resources and experienced management to form profitable relationships focused on creating projects of lasting excellence. Since 1993, MSW has acquired, built, and managed the development of hotel, office, mixed-use, retail, residential and industrial developments. We have development projects in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and have an office in Dubai as well as multiple offices in Canada and Texas, which includes our corporate headquarters in Lewisville, Texas.

With a confident vision toward conservative and controlled expansion, a commitment to excellence, and a corporate philosophy of minimizing risk and maximizing long-term profit, Matthews Southwest is well-positioned to continue its momentum of developing quality real estate properties. Through the entire development cycle, MSW strategically selects investors, projects, and end users that identify with our core values.

Matthews Southwest Hospitality (MSWH), led by its President, Mike Garcia, was formed in 2017 to lead the hospitality efforts for MSW. MSWH focuses its hospitality efforts on new and value-add developments, asset management and deploying MSW capital in select hospitality opportunities.

MSW EMEA was founded in 2014 and is responsible for AED 4 billion of project appointments in the UAE. These projects include: “Museum of the Future” commissioned by Meraas for the Prime Minister’s Office of Dubai; “La Mer” project, a newly completed Meraas mixed use beachfront development across 9.5 million square feet of existing and reclaimed land; and Bee’ah’s new Grade A office headquarters in Sharjah designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Matthews West is a Squamish, BC-based development company that strives to enhance the environmental, social, and economic prosperity of the communities where it works. Working primarily in the Sea to Sky Corridor, Matthews West is currently managing several projects including the 200-acre, single-family Cheekeye community in Brackendale, BC and assorted smaller projects in partnership with the Squamish First Nation.

Entrepreneurial By Nature – Institutional By Design

Tribal began as a partnership between Jack Matthews of Matthews Southwest and Lance Trumble. This partnership has spent the last decade focusing on office and industrial real estate development in Canada. Tribal’s growth and ongoing success has been built on the foundation of their collaborative approach to business, value of complete transparency, strategic intelligence and commitment to delivering projects on time and on budget for their partners.

Innovan Neighborhoods is a people-centered development and consulting firm.

Their mission is to advance community-anchored real estate development through innovative, collaborative solutions. As a partner of Matthews Southwest, Innovan Neighborhoods leverages the 30-year track record of an international, full-service private real estate company alongside community development strategies to build and strengthen neighborhoods in concert with community stakeholders.

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Urban Specialists work to change the cultural environment of our communities to stop senseless violence and help individuals reach their fullest potential. As a partner of Matthews Southwest, Urban Specialists invade the most influential segments of Urban Culture, so that we can disrupt toxic trends. Urban Specialists mission is to be a premier community organization known for equipping leaders through training excellence, network building, and pathways of engagement.