Shannon Brown Key

Shannon has been with Matthews Southwest for 12 years and currently serves as the Executive Director of the South Side Quarter Development Corporation, which oversees the community development of South Side Public Improvement District (10 years), a district in which she also lives. Working closely with several state, county and municipal entities, she ensures that the public improvement needs of the district are met, the neighborhoods therein continue to flourish, and their social, residential and economic networks are enhanced through the PID’s work.

As part of the management team focused on the development of approximately 85 residential lots in the Mill City neighborhood designated for new affordable houses, Shannon also works with MSW partners Tekton Residential, Good Urban Development and the City of Dallas to ensure that seamless predevelopment coordination leads to vibrantly integrated new home options. In 2018 Shannon was also asked to serve as the South Dallas Fair Park Public Improvement District’s manager and provided volunteer expertise for recalibrating a PID previously in duress. This volunteer service will culminate in December 2023.

Shannon’s professional expertise is fueled by a passion for, and focus on, the City of Dallas Districts 2, 4 and 7. She recently contributed to a neighborhood study of the historic areas of South Dallas along with HKS, the City of Dallas, BC Workshop and 2000Roses, and currently serves as a member of The Real Estate Council (TREC) and The Freedom Collective. In 2022, Shannon spearheaded the development of The Epiphany Foundation which focuses on neighborhood and community revitalization.